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We believe in a world of love. A world of hope, where humanity looks after and takes care of each other, healing one another's wounds, protecting our neighbors, where our communities show up with love and say - “I believe you and I love you.” A world where that nurturing, divine, loving, caring, feminine energy is valued, respected, and is an equal part in the foundation of our communities. Where that love and nurturing energy empowers our communities… because the leaders are exemplifying those values. 

The incredible work of survivors and advocates in Utah has already ignited an underground movement with a spirit and energy of healing and positive change. We want to share that information, spotlight those individuals, and their stories so that together - we can build a better world.

As much as our survivors in Utah and in the entire world desperately need that healing, the Church and the Utah culture also needs to heal from within. Our intention with @chewedgumfilm is for these stories to ignite a movement of healing. So that Utah can become an oasis for survivors. 

This many take many years, even decades, but the movement has already started decades ago - and is built on the backs of many women who have for years, sacrificed their personal peace and safety to risk asking for change and sharing their stories. We honor those women who advocate for change. The grandmothers in rural Utah congregations who are looking after the young women and wishing to teach them more about consent. We honor the victims advocates who are overwhelmed everyday with so many sexual and domestic violence cases. We honor the survivors who are working every day to heal. We wish to spotlight this movement and carry their stories into the world.

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